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Linda Bachammar: A Jewel of French Contemporary Art

Deeply influenced by the rapidly evolving world and the revolution of modern technology, contemporary art is a broad yet interesting category. In particular, French contemporary art seems to hold tight to the influences of liberalism, surrealism, and modernism; shaping the views of today’s artists. For the past two decades, French ...

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Is It Easy or Hard to Ship Oil Paintings?

Most museums and galleries across the globe organize traveling exhibitions. Works of art are regularly transported from city to city, from country to country. That is why one of the essential issues for artwork owners is shipping safety. This is particularly true for shipping old oil paintings that are highly ...

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Verita Amare Et – A Multimedia Artist of New Kind

The world knows many multi-sided personalities with various talents, but Veronika Medvedeva known under a creative pseudonym Verita Amare Et deserves a special place on the Olympus of Russian talents. Born in 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu, this young multimedia artist revealed her deep creativity and an unusual worldview from ...

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Alexei Vasiliev: A Phenomenon in Contemporary Russian Art

Contemporary art is vibrant, affluent, dynamic, and at times perplexing, but in all cases deeply enchanting, opening the hidden shades of reality as seen by the extraordinary, creative minds. The same may be surely said about contemporary Russian art of Alexei Vasiliev, a talented painter born in 1980, who has been ...

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Art Shipping: Proceed with Care

When it comes to art shipping, quality of care and attention to detail are key. Some pieces are delicate and require special packaging while others weigh tons, calling for more durable and specialized means of delivery. Above all, purchasers want to feel confident that the piece that inspired them will ...

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