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Modern & Post-War American Art at Vallarino Fine Art

One of the conceptual and well-defined aims of fine art has always been the inosculation of past and present. Through art, people build an eternal bridge that not only creates an image of the past for contemporary audiences but also designs a time capsule for the humans of the ...

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Urban Culture in the Work of Mario Loprete

At all times, urban life has been a source of inspiration for artists of every stripe. A grotesque reality of city streets and never-ending turnout of people have made urban culture a potent contribution to the entire art world. The elements of urban clothing, sports, hip hop music and ...

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The Inspirational Story of Somen Debnath

The world is full of great stories that give us pause for thought and make us deliberate on vital issues in our lives. The inspirational story of Somen Debnath is definitely one of such heroic narratives. The Indian activist for HIV/AIDS awareness organized a world bicycle tour in 2004 and ...

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“Suspended Column” by the Italian Artist Silvana De Stefano

The magnificence and singularity of contemporary sculpture prove to be the pinnacle of technical and architectural masterhood nowadays. The generation of modern sculptors has managed to mix sculpture, design, and painting into one unimaginable fusion that leaves everyone speechless. So is Silvana De Stefano, a grand Italian artist, sculptor, and ...

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