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5 Ingenious Tips on How to Save Money on Art Supplies

Almost every emerging artist shares the problem of always ending art supplies. From time to time, painters should replenish their stocks with new materials so that they can continue performing miracles on canvas, paper, wood panel, or any other surface they use in their work. As is always the case, ...

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Sculptor Hantz: Fine Art Sculpture as a Philosophy

The human mind is but a mystery comprising the most unimaginable and riveting images and forms. The sky is the limit when an artist starts to create their brainchild. Painting and photography are by far the most used forms of expression these days, but what about fine art sculpture? It ...

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Vivid Fine Art Photography at Coe + Co Photography Gallery

Never before has photography been so close to the painting and sculpture. These days, we all have a chance to witness a truly fascinating phenomenon in the world of art: fine art photography is becoming more independent and self-reliant as compared to the past. From fashion photography to architecture ...

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