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Different Types of Native American Art: A Brief Overview

Historically, ethnic and cultural groups that pass into history or are on that brink of extinction leave remnants of their ancient glory, usually codified in art. One of the brightest examples is antique Native American art, an enduring legacy left for contemporaries by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Today, ...

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5 Steps to Shipping Antique Jewelry & Accessories Internationally

Shipping antique jewelry and high-value accessories always requires careful consideration and infinite patience. It goes without saying that an average citizen does not have any special shipping experience or qualification. Lack of expertise and knowledge leads many people to blunders that may be critical. Today, we want to help ...

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A Quick Guide to Shipping Fine Books and Manuscripts

At first glance, shipping fine books and manuscripts does not seem as dreadful and complicated as, for example, shipping paintings. Without a doubt, books and other pieces of this kind require comparably less specialty knowledge and skills. However, it does not mean that you should treat the process light-mindedly. ...

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