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4 Premium Features of Luxury Smartphones

Have you ever wondered about what makes a luxury smartphone? When it comes to high-end technologies, it is not common to hear something like “opulent devices” or “lavish gadgets.” The reason for that is simple: the mobile phone industry tends to be accessible to a wider audience, which ...

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Presidential Aircraft: Top 5 Luxury Jets of World Leaders

Celebrities and successful businessmen are not the only people who can afford and use luxury jets regularly. If to look closer at global politics, one can notice that the majority of the presidents or country leaders have their own high-class aircraft. Presidential airplanes stand out against other private jets ...

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5 Curious Facts about Luxury Cigars

Expensive cigars have always been and remain the incarnation of privileged status, sumptuous taste, and luxury lifestyle. Many leading historical figures are associated with cigars; the first who spring to mind are the world-known British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, American President John F. Kennedy, and Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. ...

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